Fietsportret/Cycle Portrait: Ralph Pina (IT director, University of Stellenbosch, 60)

Hoe lank ry jy al met jou fiets werk of winkels toe?

Ten minste 25 jaar. As skoolseun het ek elke dag 5 km skool toe en 5 km huis toe gery. Dit was tussen 52 en 42 jaar gelede.

  1. Hoe het dit jou lewe verander?

Gee mens tyd om te dink, asem te haal, om rond te kyk, om minder gestres te wees. Maar dit was amper altyd so.

  1. Hoe ver ry jy elke dag?

So 10 km, hang af hoeveel vergaderings ek moet bywoon.

  1. Vertel ons meer van jou fiets

Dis ‘n Rocky Mountain 29er, “single suspension with panniers”. Die fiets toer lekker op grondpaaie ook.

  1. Do you have any advice for people who would like to cycle to work?
  • Don’t cycle at peak times.
  • Always watch a driver’s eyes; make sure they see you.
  • Ride assertively. Make a driver’s mind up for him or her.
  • Force drivers to stop at crossings such as the Merriman circle. Educate them by asserting priority and cyclist rights.
  • Demand that businesses provide racks if they want your business.
  1. How can Stellenbosch improve cycle infrastructure and how can we make our town more cycle friendly?
  • Open Jan Marais Park as a thoroughfare for cyclists i.e. open the eastern gate again.
  • Allow cyclists to cycle both ways in one-way streets as a general rule. Allow cyclists to turn left at red lights.
  • More modern cycle racks in more locations, especially at Simonsrust.
  • Limit cars on central campus by closing streets at certain times, traffic calming. Make it unpleasant for students to drive around campus.
  • Safer and special crossings of the Somerset West road at Die Boord and Merriman.
  • Create protected bike lanes on main thoroughfares such as Merriman-Martinson.
  • Be harsh on drivers who park on bike and pedestrian paths. This makes me mad!