Why you should explore Stellenbosch by bike

The historic town centre of Stellenbosch and many of its neighbourhoods are flat and ideal for easy, smooth cycling.

Once you have discovered the joy of cycling here, it is difficult to get back into a car again. Just ask any resident or student on a bike. Discover the best and safest routes and you will be on your way.

Few people know that there are safe cycle paths along the Eerste River all the way through town. On this route you can reach a number of destinations and experience the beauty of the tranquil river and view the majestic surrounding mountains. There is also a safe cycle path up the Jonkershoek Valley.

One of the great advantages of cycling in Stellenbosch is that you can stop anywhere to shop, have coffee, visit a museum, attend a meeting or talk to friends because you have no parking problems! And you will never have a problem with traffic jams.

One tip:  be attentive to some uninitiated motorists – they must keep 1m away from you by law.

For the more adventurous biker, there are several good reasons why

Stellenbosch, with a network of some 500 km of scenic trails, is regarded as the mountain bike capital of South Africa.

Stellenbosch will host a leg of the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup in March 2018. The event will be televised to many countries and the town expect a large number of mountain bikers and supporters.

Stellenbosch is also the end destination of the exciting new Cape Cross Cycle Route, a 750 km cycle route network stretching all the way from Plettenberg Bay to Stellenbosch, mapped by the Western Cape government to promote cycle tourism.

Existing trail networks around town are all under formal management and range from privately-owned scenic wineries to mountain slopesWhere to find information about MTB routes, maps and permits required?

  • Jonkershoek/ Assegaaibosch: telephone no: 021 886 1560
  • Eden/Paradyskloof: free entry
  • Banhoek Conservancy: telephone no: 083 325 5840
  • Dirtopia: telephone no: 021 884 4752
  • Bottelary Hills: buy permits at Devonvale, Asara or Hazendal

Please take care. Note that trails are constantly changing and riders should use these trails with caution and ride in groups if possible.

Where to hire city or mountain bikes?

  • BMT Cycle Shop: C/o Dorp and Market Street. Contact no: 021 8873417
  • Ride Inn: Jonkershoek Road. Contact no: 021 8833985
  • Adventure Shop: Market Street. Contact no: 021 8828112


Stellenbosch Cycling is an initiative to encourage everyone to use bicycles for mobility, exercise and fun.  Find us on Facebook: Stellenbosch Fietsry/Cycling, Twitter: @stellenfietsry or for more information visit our blog on. www.stellenboschcycling.wordpress.com. Please use the hashtag #cycleStellenbosch for all posts.










Almal op fietse is vanjaar se Bosfietsberaad-tema

Die jaarlikse Bosfietsberaad op Stellenbosch – vanjaar van 1 tot 3 Desember – is die plek waar fietsryers kan bymekaar kom en saampraat oor fietsry, saam kan beplan oor fietsry en ook saam projekte kan begin om fietsry te bevorder.

Dis ook die plek waar fietsryers na nuwe planne en gedagtes in ons omgewing en oor die wêreld kan luister.  Bergfietsryers, padfietsryers, en veral ook gewone pendelfietsryers en ontpanningsfietryers.

Ons tema vanjaar is:  Almal op Fietse! 

Ons het  tot die slotsom gekom dat na alles wat ons beplan en bespreek, is al manier om fietsry te bevorder, beter geriewe vir fietsryers te skep en om motorryers en besluitnemers meer te laat kennis neem van fietse. is om meer fietse op ons paaie te hê.

Dan sal ons die veilige fietsbane en fietsaaie kry wat ons soek, die verkeersgekalmeerde middedorp en woongebiede kry warna ons na strewe, en die gelyke geleenthede met voetgangers en motors kry wat ons NMT-beleid voorskryf.

En dan sal ons ook geld kry om ons omvattende Fietsplan uit te voer. Dan word ons werklik die Fietshoofstad van die land – 200 jaar na die onststaan van die fiets in 2017.