Get the latest version of our Stellenbosch Cycling Map now

The second version (December 2017) of our Stellenbosch Cycling Map is now available in print and in electronic format. The latest version of the map features a far more detailed town map and is aimed at tourists and local commuters who would like to discover the town and surrounding areas on city bikes.

The historic town centre of Stellenbosch, the university campus, many neighbourhoods as well as the route along the Eerste River are flat areas and ideal for easy, smooth cycling.

For the more adventurous biker, there are several good reasons why Stellenbosch, with a network of some 500 km of trials, is the mountain bike capital of South Africa. Some of the access routes to mountain bike routes are easily accessible as scenic routes.

Copies of the map are available at all local cycle shops, Stellenbosch 360 in Market Street, hotels and guesthouses or download the latest electronic version.

3 thoughts on “Get the latest version of our Stellenbosch Cycling Map now”

  1. Will there be any connections between Die Boord and the town? The Strand road is simply too busy to cross, especially so for young children? It knocks out an entire neighborhood from the network. A connection under the bridge is very possible.

    1. We support safe crossings at various places on the R44, including Die Boord. We know of a plan to cross the R44 underneath the R44 bridge under the Eerste River. The Stellenbosch Cycle Plan emphasises safe crossings across the R44. The Van Rheede crossing over the R44 is deemed of the highest priority by the Cycle Plan.

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